After POTOMAC Primaries/ Beltway Tuesday/ CHESAPEAKE TUESDAY, here comes TSUNAMI TUESDAY Part II

‘Houston, we have no Problem …’

We’ve got a Liftoff! 10-0 in 14 days

ILLINOIS Sen. Barack Obama has scored 10 wins in 14 days, pressuring Democratic nomination rival New York Sen. Hillary Clinton to win mega-contests in Texas and Ohio.

SO THE winning streak’s into double digits, and this is bitter cheese for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: Voters in Wisconsin (white of skin, blue of collar, with green on their minds) flocking to the candidacy of Sen. Barack Obama.

That sound Clinton heard, while rushing out of town to leave the site of her latest defeat, was the crashing down of her last pillars of stalwart support – less-educated white voters, voters favoring electability, those worried about the economy, union members, even women.

Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton in some of her core support groups, trounced her on electability and rode broad support from independents to victory in Wisconsin,” ABC polling director Gary Langer writes.

“Clinton struggled in her base groups – barely winning white women, losing less-educated and lower-income voters – while Obama swept up younger voters, winning those under 30 by one of his biggest margins yet.”

Wisconsin (Clinton territory by demography, and looking scarily similar to Ohio) handed Obama another lopsided victory – 17 points – and Hawaii came through as expected in landslide fashion in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

Obama, D-Ill., controls the race with an edge of 94 convention delegates (and growing), according to ABC’s delegate scorecard – on top of the money, the momentum, and the enthusiasm.

“Houston, I think we’ve achieved lift-off here,” Obama told supporters in a (long) speech Tuesday night, with a crowd of 19,000 drowning out his voice.

(And what message might he have been sending by taking the stage well before Clinton was through?)

Camp Clinton called it like this – her advisers said all along that the weeks after Super Tuesday were going to be rough – but 10 straight wins in a 14-day span has got to sting.


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