Fox nat’l poll: It’s a tie!

New FOX numbers: Clinton, Obama tied
Nomination numbers:

Dems: Obama 44, Clinton 44. Error margin: 5 points.
GOP: McCain 51, Huckabee 34. Error margin: 6 points.

Head-to-head match ups:

Clinton vs. McCain: McCain 47, Clinton 44.
Obama vs. McCain: Obama 47, McCain 43.

If Clinton is nominee should she pick Obama as her Veep?

Yes 51, No 37, don’t know 12.

If Obama is nominee should he pick Clinton as his Veep?

Yes 35, No 54, don’t know 10.

If McCain is nominee should he pick Huckabee as his Veep?

Yes 39, No 42, Don’t Know 20.

Which quality is most important in picking a presidential candidate:

Can bring about change: Dems 34, GOP 19

Cares about average Americans: Dems 29, GOP 17
Stands up for beliefs: Dems 14, GOP 35
Has the right experience: Dems 18, GOP 23
Has the best chance to win in November: Dems 2, GOP 2.

Dates conducted: Feb. 19-20. Overall error margin: 3 points.


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