So how much do they spend thee?

Let us count the ways … & money$

UNITED STATES Senators Barack Obama of Illinois and Hillary Clinton of New York are rivals in the Democratic Party nomination for the U.S. presidential election in November even as they shake hands after debating at the Lyndon B. Johnson Auditorium at the University of Texas on Thursday (Friday morning in Manila).
Filipinos for Obama Movement
FACs (Filipinos Audacious for Change)
Salary of Communications Director:
Hillary Clinton (Howard Wolfson): $266,000 for January alone
Barack Obama (Robert Gibbs): $144,000 for the whole year
• Clinton pays her comm. director twice as much in a MONTH as Obama pays his in a YEAR!

• Wolfson’s firm Gotham Acme got $688,000 since the campaign began.

Payment to Campaign Manager:
Clinton (Patti Solis Doyle before shake-up early February): $154,000
Obama (David Plouffe, who oversees his spending): $144,000.

Payment to Main Field Organizer:
Clinton: $220,000
Obama: $109,000 + $68,000 to organizer’s firm.

Obama: spends $1.8 million on Buttons and other Paraphernalia
Clinton: pays dearly for fuel of many campaigns: Pizza and Doughnuts

Pizza resto bill:
Clinton: $18,000
Obama: $8,900

Dunkin’ Donuts chain:
Clinton: $1,885
Obama: $720

Footing of bills for Event Catering:
Clinton: $4 million
Obama: $2.47 million.

Charter and Commercial Airfares:
Clinton: $7.8 million
Obama: $6.4 million

• Clinton relies more on large fundraising events, often holding them at the mansions of wealthy donors and collecting the maximum $2,300 from people attending.

• Clinton and Obama campaigns have spent heavily on mailings and fundraising, but though Obama holds his share of high-end events, much of the money fueling his campaign has arrived via the Internet.

• Clinton doesn’t directly pay her chief strategist Mark Penn, but since the campaign began, she has paid almost $8 million to the firm Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates, where she has another $2.1 million in unpaid bills, according to a campaign finance filing earlier this week.

• Clinton strategist Penn receives payment from the firm as its president, although he claims that he has no ownership interest in it.

• Clinton strategist’s firm billings include consulting, polling, direct mail, printing, and postage, while Obama’s campaign subcontracts out its mailings and polling.

• Clinton, overall, pays vastly more for staff and accouterments and less on the services that directly win votes.

U.S. Federal Election Commission;

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