Barack on ‘Rocky’: fictional!

just walking ‘Rocky Road’

Reality bites: Obama ties Clinton to ritzy interests
PHILADELPHIA – Democrat Barack Obama on Wednesday rejected Hillary Clinton’s claims to be a champion of poor and underdog working families and portrayed his presidential rival as a defender of rich and élite corporate interests and the status quo.
Obama, speaking to a Pennsylvania labor union convention one day after Clinton appeared before the group, said the New York senator was too closely tied to rich corporate lobbyists to bring real change to Washington.
“I’m the only candidate in this race who’s actually worked to take power away from lobbyists by passing historic ethics reforms in Illinois and in the U.S. Senate. And I’m the only candidate who isn’t taking a dime from Washington lobbyists,” said Obama, an Illinois senator.
He mocked Clinton’s recent efforts to compare herself to Rocky Balboa, the underdog boxer featured in the “Rocky” movies.
“We all love Rocky, but Rocky was fiction. And so is the idea that someone can fight for working people and at the same time embrace the broken system in Washington, where corporate lobbyists use their clout to shape laws to their liking,” Obama said.


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