RCP nat’l poll: Barack jumps +12%

Obama remains
best vs. McCain
than Clinton: poll

A NEW national Democratic primary poll from Diageo/Hotline for March 28-31 shows Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton by 12 percentage points at 50 versus 38 percent, with a plus-or-minus 5.3-percent margin of error, after the two had remained close in similar polls in previous months.
In the interview with 342 Democrat-aligned respondents on their perception of negative campaigning, 42 percent felt Clinton had unfairly attacked Obama, while 22 percent felt Obama had atttacked Clinton unfairly.
Meanwhile, the overall survey matching up the two Democrats against presumptive Republican nominee John McCain shows Obama still leading by 5.2-points in the RCP National Average.
Of the total 799 national respondents from both party affiliations for the recent poll, Obama trails McCain only at 2 percent with a plus-or-minus 3.5-percent margin of error, while Clinton trails the Republican at 9 percent, way outside the error margin.
But in the national average for both Democrats and Republicans, Obama leads McCain by 0.2 pts., while McCain leads Clinton by 2.4 pts.

Obama 50%
Clinton 38%
(RV 342
MoE +/- 5.3%)

McCain 46%, Obama 44%
McCain 50%, Clinton 41%
(RV 799
MoE +/- 3.5%)


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Democratic Presidential Nomination

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