ABC/Post poll: Bam leads 10%


ABC News-Washington Post
poll new national numbers
Obama 51%
Clinton 41%
OBAMA +10%
Dates conducted:
10-13 April
(Bam “cling”
story broke
11 April).
Error margin:
4 pts.
Nomination numbers: Obama 51, Clinton 41
Change from March’s poll: Obama +1, Clinton -2
Change from a year ago: Obama +26, Clinton same
Best to win in November? Obama 62, Clinton 31
General election head-to-head matchups:
Obama 49, McCain 44; McCain 48, Clinton 45.
Change from March’s poll:
Obama -3, McCain +4; McCain +4, Clinton -5
On Clinton being honest & trustworthy: 39% yes, 58% no.
Unfavorability rating?
Clinton 54%, Obama 39% (both record highs for ABC/Post poll)
Issues: The candidates are at or near dead heats in trust to handle a range of issues, including the economy, the war in Iraq, international trade and terrorism.
Obama & Rev. Wright:
59% of all adults, 72% of leaned Democrats, approve of the way Obama has distanced himself from Wright.
About 50% of Democrats are concerned Republicans will use Wright effectively against Obama if he’s nominated.
If Clinton loses Pennsylvania?
55% say she should stay in the race.
53% it’s more important their candidate wins, 41% say it’s more important the race ends as soon as possible.
Superdelegates: 46% of Democrats say they should decide based on overall votes, 37% say they should decide based on best candidate, 13% say they should decide on delegates won.
Dems who would switch to McCain? 21% of Obama’s supporters, and 23% of Clinton’s, say they’d jump to the GOP nominee if their candidate doesn’t win.

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