Obama up in newest poll for 3 key states


New LA Times/Bloomberg poll
for Indiana, N. Carolina, Penn.

LA Times/Bloomberg
Obama 40%
Clinton 35%
Obama 47%
Clinton 34%
OBAMA +13%
Clinton 46%
Obama 41%
Polling dates conducted:
10-14 April 2008
(Obama “bitter”
story: April 11)
Error margin
in each state:
4 pts.
ILLINOIS SEN. Barack Obama in University Park, Pennsylvania, in March.
Poll shows Obama gaining,
holding steady in key states
CNN Ticker Producer
April 15, 2008
DESPITE a weekend of negative coverage following his controversial remarks about some small town Americans, Barack Obama appears to be holding steady or making gains in the next three primary states, according to a just released poll.
Most surprisingly, the new LA Times/Bloomberg poll shows Obama ahead of Hillary Clinton by 5 points in Indiana (40 to 35 percent), a state with demographics that favor the New York senator and one where other recent polls have shown her with a lead.
The poll also shows Clinton only holds a 5 point lead in Pennsylvania (48 to 43 percent). That margin is among the slimmest measured between to the two candidates and is significantly less than the double digit lead Clinton held there two weeks ago.
In North Carolina, the new survey shows Obama with a 13 point lead (47-34 percent), a margin that is consistent with other recent polls in that state.
Pennsylvania votes April 22 while Indiana and North Carolina vote two weeks later on May 6. Should Clinton win in Pennsylvania, some political observers have said she must score a victory in at least one of the May 6 states to make a compelling argument to continue her presidential campaign.
The poll was conducted over five days (April 10-14), the majority of which came after Obama’s now famous “bitter” comments first surfaced.

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