Barack, Jay-Z brush off Hill dirt


Hip-hop infiltrates ’08 campaign

Obama Brush
BARACK Obama figuratively – and literally –
brushes off criticism from rival Hillary Clinton.
ABC News
New York Times
April 18, 2008
HOW does Barack Obama deal with the flak coming at him from his opponents and the media?
He just gets. That. Dirt off his shoulder.
Yep, at a campaign stop Thursday in Raleigh, N.C., politics and pop culture collided when Senator Obama encapsulated at least part of why he’s so popular with among the country’s youth. He seeemed to mimic Jay-Z’s sweeping hand gesture from the song “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” while addressing how he moves past campaign stumbling blocks.
A bunch of mashups of the song superimposed onto the video clip already have been posted online. (Maybe it’s because it’s Friday, but our heads are definitely bobbing.)
The Jay-Z song isn’t exactly G-rated, but if you’re not easily offended check out this clip, in which animated Clinton heads are added to footage of Mr. Obama brushing off their criticisms.
What’s more, Jay-Z isn’t the only rapper entering the campaign discourse today. How about this: a remix of Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” with the lyrics changed so they refer to ABC anchor Charles Gibson.
A teaser: “Gibson, you’re preposterous. Actin’ like a toy with your boy Stephanopoulos.”
With this video, the folks at tapped into the some of the sentiment out there that Mr. Gibson focused too much on trivial topics during this week’s Democratic debate.
Here’s a pop quiz: What is John McCain older than?
A.) McDonald’s
B.) Pakistan
C.) Velcro
D.) All of the above
If you picked D., buy yourself a gold star. A new video points out, not too kindly, that the 71-year-old Senator McCain is older than many, many things.
Senator Clinton isn’t getting off the hook today, either. This video starts out blandly, saying that in order for her to win the Democratic nomination, she has to win big in Pennsylvania and take the rest of the states with upcoming primaries.
But then the clip gets a little silly, suggesting she’ll also need to time-travel back to 1803 to renege on the Louisiana Purchase (to get rid of the West) and then go back to 1865 and make sure the South is allowed to secede.
Finally, how about a P.A.C. ad featuring the new, if unlikely, duo of Newt ‘n’ Nancy? New B.F.F.s (”best friends forever”) Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi sit on a couch in front of the Capitol and shoot each other admiring glances when they talk about how they’re going to work together to battle climate change.
(And dont you forget to YouTube your favorite McCain Girls!)
McCAIN GIRLS. True believers or not, these women were paid to sing “It’s Raining McCain.”

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