Beyond the color of their skin

Not just 1 but 5 more ‘black’ men

already sworn as U.S. president?

TOP ROW. No.3 Jefferson: 1801-1809,  No.7 Jackson: 1829-1837, and No.16 Lincoln: 1861-1865;
BOTTOM. No.29 Harding: 1921-1923,  No.30 Coolidge: 1923-1929, and No.34 Eisenhower: 1953-1961.

Are they the Mulatto Leaders of the Free World?

Harding, veep-successor Coolidge
‘brothers’ via blood to Eisenhower,
Lincoln, Jackson, Jefferson … too?

FIRST there was Warren Harding, 29th president of the United States, who had been reported many times over as having had secret Negro bloodline. (
But then there were actually six of them, including his Vice President and successor when he died of heart failure after serving only a couple of years, according to an Illinois-based online newspaper.
The list of mulatto-blooded or part-black Leaders of the Free World actually included Calvin Coolidge, the 30th U.S. president, and the 34th, Dwight David Eisenhower, as well as the 16th, Abraham Lincoln, according to the North Star News online.
The Chicago-based online newspaper also traced back all the way to the 7th U.S. president, Andrew Jackson, and even the 3rd, Thomas Jefferson, himself a Founding Father of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
It added that if Sen. Barack Obama would win the Democratic nomination for president and would go on to win the White House, he would be the seventh and not the first black man to occupy the Oval Office, according to three black historians whose work to uncover the racial backgrounds of U.S. presidents has been largely ignored until now.
Black male historians had written extensively that Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Harding, Coolidge, and Eisenhower had black ancestors, and these historians included Joel A. Rodgers, Dr. Leroy Vaughn, and Dr. Auset Bakhufu, it said.
But it added that black historians had not been the first to write about the five presidents’ racially mixed families. It said white historians and political opponents had also written about the men’s black ancestors, but the books had either been destroyed, had gone out of print, or had been hard to find.
The online newspaper said a common theme usually associated with the earlier black presidents was that they had all passed for white, sometimes destroying family photographs and letters, to hide their racial backgrounds.
Obama, it said, could not obviously pass for white because of his dark skin color, even as Obama has made it clear he is the son of a Kenyan economist and white female anthropologist.
Further, it said interracial relationships between black women and white men could explain the racial backgrounds of some of the presidents, but not all.
Primarily, it said, sexual relationships between black men and white women had produced offspring. Quoting historians, North Star said Jackson had been the son of a black man and an Irish woman.
According to the online paper, interracial relationships between black men and Native American women had also produced racially mixed offspring.
Rodgers, who died in 1966, had written the book The Five Black Presidents, and Dr. Vaughn had devoted a chapter to the five black presidents in his Black People and Their Place in World History, it said.  Rodgers and Vaughn had agreed that Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Harding, and Coolidge had black ancestors, North Star said.
For his part, Dr. Bakhufu included Eisenhower in his book The Six Black Presidents’ Black Blood: White Masks, the online paper said.
And despite author Toni Morrison’s 1998 New Yorker magazine article that had claimed Bill Clinton was the nation’s first black president because of his womanizing and frequenting McDonald’s restaurants, Clinton was not listed in North Star.
Moreover, it said the strongest case for a U.S. president with black ancestry is Harding, because even though white historians had claimed that Harding was of English and Dutch ancestry, both his parents were actually black.
Harding’s black ancestors had escaped from the South to the North via the Underground Railroad, it said, quoting the book Warren G. Harding, U.S. President 29: Death By Blackness, by Marsha Stewart, a black woman, who says she is a Harding descendent.
Historians, it said, had bolstered Harding’s black ancestral background by noting where he had attended college. Harding had graduated from Iberia College, a school in Iberia, Ohio, founded to educate fugitive slaves, North Star quoted historians as saying.
Iberia College, it said, had been renamed Ohio Central College, and when Republicans earlier asked Harding to deny his “Negro” ancestry, Harding had reportedly quipped: “How should I know whether or not one of my ancestors might have jumped the fence?”
North Star said William Chancellor, a white professor of economics at Wooster College in Ohio, had written about Harding’s black ancestry in the 1923 book Warren Gamaliel Harding: President of the United States.
Chancellor, it said, had called Harding “our first Negro president,” and he had written that Warren, his brother, and their sisters had been reared and treated like “colored people.” It said Chancellor had also accused Harding of using makeup to lighten his facial complexion.
As soon as Harding’s attorney general Harry M. Daugherty had learned of the book, North Star said, justice department officials seized all of the copies.
Ms. Stewart, the self-proclaimed Harding descendant, has reportedly revealed that only three copies now exist. She has claimed that the New York Public Library, the Princeton University Library, and the library of the Ohio Historical Society each own one of the three copies.
Jackson, according to North Star, quoted Dr. Vaughn as citing an article earlier published in the Virginia Magazine of History that Jackson’s oldest brother had been sold into slavery. It said another account of Jackson’s brother being sold into slavery was published in the 1960 book Ordeal of the Presidency by David Coyle.
Jefferson, meanwhile, had been the son of an Indian woman and a mulatto father, North Star said based on the 1867 book The Johnny Cake Papers, by Thomas Hazard.
Another author, Samuel Sloan, had written that Jefferson had destroyed all of the papers, portraits, and personal effects of his mother, Jane Randolph Jefferson, when she died on March 31, 1776, it said.
The third U.S. president had even written letters to everyone who earlier received a letter from his mother to ask that they should return each one of them, according to Sloan in his book The Slave Children of Thomas Jefferson, it added.
Lincoln, meanwhile, had been the illegitimate son of an African man, North Star said citing Rodgers, who had quoted the 16th U.S. president’s mother Nancy Hanks-Lincoln as saying. It said Rodgers had written that Lincoln had been described as very dark-skinned and coarse-haired.
Yet while historians had maintained that Thomas Lincoln was Abraham’s father, Lincoln’s law partner William H. Herndon had disputed that assumption, and so after Lincoln’s 1865 assassination, Herndon contacted everyone who had known the then president and documented his life, North Star said.
According to the book The Hidden Lincoln, From The Letters And Papers Of William H. Herndon, it said, Herndon had argued that Thomas Lincoln could not have been Abraham’s father because Thomas had been sterile as a result of childhood mumps. The Hidden Lincoln was published in 1938 by Emanuel Hertz, who had compiled the writings, North Star said.
Coolidge, it said, had admitted that his mother Victoria Josephine Moor-Coolidge was dark because she had been of mixed Indian ancestry. By the 1800s, New England Indians were considered not pure because so many of them had intermarried with blacks, North Star quoted Dr. Bakhufu as saying.
His mother’s maiden name had been “Moor,” it said, and the name “Moor” had been given to all black people in Europe as Negro had been given to all black people in the U.S.
Dr. Bakhufu, it said, had also included Eisenhower on his list of presidents with black ancestry, since the 34th president’s mother Ida Elizabeth Stover-Eisenhower had been rumored to have black ancestry.


3 thoughts on “Beyond the color of their skin

  1. Color of skin isnt the problem with a president, its their agenda. Obama is a radical, socialist, anti American person. The democrats want the government to run everything.

  2. Well, it does not matter what color of your skin was. Reginald Oliver Denny once said, “Does anybody check what color blood it was? Probably red.”

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