Fatal attractor? Potter professor?

Obama backer compares Clinton
to ‘Fatal Attraction’ ubervillainess

UP CLOSE AND CLOSER. Clinton and Close (above)
Clinton and Umbridge (below)
Comparison to Harry Potter 5
supervillainess revived anew
IS SHE the super-duper villainess cometh?
While CNN Ticker reported that a Democratic congressman from Tennessee had compared Hillary Clinton to Glenn Close’s character in the movie “Fatal Attraction,” a blogger has compared the New York senator to Imelda Staunton’s role in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” the nasty Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Dolores Umbridge.
CNN Ticker reported that Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen, a backer of Democratic presidential frontrunner Barack Obama, had compared Clinton to Close.
Close had played an obsessed and mentally unstable woman who refused to end an affair with a married man, despite his repeated urgings. It revealed that in the movie’s final scene, Close’s character appears to have drowned in a bathtub, but re-emerged before getting fatally shot.
Glenn Close should have stayed in that tub, and Sen. Clinton has had a remarkable career and needs to move to the next step, which is helping elect the Democratic nominee,” Cohen said, speaking to a Memphis TV station over the weekend.  But his office later released an apology from the congressman soon after he made the comments.
“I sincerely apologize for the comments I made about Senator Clinton‘s campaign,” Cohen said in the statement. “I have great respect for Senator Clinton as a US Senator. She has waged an historic campaign which has done much to break the glass ceiling. My comments obviously do not reflect the sentiments of Senator Obama or the Obama campaign. Nor do they reflect my opinion of Senator Clinton whom I have known for years and admire. My hope is that our party will come together to work to defeat John McCain.”
Cohen earlier endorsed Obama on February 4, one day before the Super Tuesday contests.
Meanwhile, a blogger on CNN Ticker has compared Clinton to Umbridge’s propensity for wearing pink, as well as her hairdo and mannerisms.


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