Half-price Hillary

Sign of the times?

Clinton at half price


ABC News’ Kate Snow reports: Surely this can’t be a good omen for Senator Hillary Clinton.
The pundits can argue all they want, her campaign may protest that she’s still in the game, but at the “America!” souvenir shops at Dulles International and Reagan National airports, the signs are clear as day.
“Sale!” “Clearance!” “50% off!” they blare.
A pink T-shirt with an image of Clinton’s head and the words “Madame President 2008: Making History.”
A black T-shirt that reads “Anyone but Hillary” with a drawing of the famous “scream” painting.
The “Hillary for President” bobblehead.  And oh yes, even the Hillary nutcracker, “with stainless steel thighs.” All are marked half off.
A store employee says the products went on sale last Friday.
He says it’s not meant to be a political statement, just a practical business decision. It seems sales of Clinton merchandise have slowed way down since last week’s loss in North Carolina and squeaker in Indiana.
Not every Clinton souvenir is on sale, just the items they have large stocks of in the warehouse. The employee said the store is worried they might get stuck holding a lot of merchandise they can never sell.


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