The Future and the Pasts


‘New Age’ Obama
vs. ‘Retro’ McCain


Bam as future; Mac, Hill passé

Monday, May 12, 2008
IT’s Barack Obama’s “New Age diplomacy” versus John McCain‘s “Cold War” mentality.
In November’s presidential contest, voters will have a clear choice about who should be America’s commander in chief and domestic protector.
Republican McCain is a national security hawk who wants to bring stability to Iraq, including routing an al Qaeda faction there.
Obama wants to withdraw troops from Iraq and root out al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
McCain wants to isolate America’s worst rivals and would refuse to meet with the leaders of Iran, Syria and North Korea.
Obama is pushing a diplomacy-first policy, saying he would personally meet with American foes.
McCain senior policy adviser Randy Scheunemann has mocked Obama’s greet-the-enemies vision as “New Age diplomacy.”
Obama senior adviser Susan Rice called the Illinois senator’s policy “forward-looking” and blasted McCain’s as “retro” and outdated “Cold War” thinking.
Both support increasing the size of the military, particularly the Army and Marine Corps.
But they clash on a number of domestic security issues.
In extraordinary circumstances, McCain supports giving the president the authority to eavesdrop on American citizens suspected of terrorist activity without first obtaining a warrant.
Obama opposes such wiretaps, arguing they violate civil and constitutional rights.
McCain supports a provision of the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act that would provide telephone companies with retroactive immunity from lawsuits for turning over phone records to feds investigating suspected terrorists.
Obama opposes providing telecom firms such exemptions.


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