The birth of Jason Hussein Bourne


Philippines-America for Obama launched
… and JASON HUSSEIN BOURNE is now born!!

MANILA – The OBAMANOS Filipinos for Obama Movement strengthens its solidarity with the worldwide online social networks favoring Barack Obama as the next President of the United States, with the launch today on Philippine-American Friendship Day of another affiliate movement on the World Wide Web.
Together with its affiliates the Filipinos Audacious for Change and the Pinoy Bloggers for Barack, the group launches the Philippines-America Movement for Obama, in time for today’s July 4th special historical day for Filipinos both in the Land of the Pearl of the Orient and Crade of Noble Heroes and in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.
In solidarity with Obama’s Kenyan father’s middle name Hussein, the new Filipino-American movement favoring the Illinois senator as the next U.S. president is launching the birth of Jason Hussein Bourne as the online electronic servant of more than 80 million pro-Obama Pinoys (Filipinos) and Fil-Ams (Filipino-Americans) all over the world.
The new alternative weblogs for Obamanos the Filipinos for Obama Movement( are the twin sites of the Phil-Ams for Bam Movement, accessible on and


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