Germany goes gaga as crowd
of 200,000 ‘volks’ mob Obama

‘People of Berlin – people of the world
– this is our moment. This is our time.’

OIC (Obamanos-in-Chief)
24 July 2008
HIS crowd in Pennsylvania in March was 20,000.  Portland in Oregon expected 30,000 but that crowd in May ballooned to 70,000.
Yet the German capital of Berlin on Thursday delivered 200,000 and a rock-star status for Barack Obama, where he declared himself a citizen of the world in an historic speech at the Victory Column in the central Tiergarten park, reminiscent of the equally historic speeches of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate.
Call it ObamaMania Lovefest, or Obamapolooza.
A couple of days earlier, when somebody would take a walk in Berlin, it would seem that Germany was the 51st state of the United States, with joggers in local parks proudly sporting Obama T-shirts, according to a Time web article.
It said the trendy expatriate hangout White Trash Fast Food had been turned into an Obama campaign center for a day, while a Berlin magazine had published instructions on how to make little U.S. flags to wave in welcoming the Democratic presidential frontrunner.
Meanwhile, a German survey showed that 60 percent had been in favor of Obama speaking at the initial prospected venue, at Brandenburg, and 74 percent would choose Obama if Germans could vote in the U.S. election.
For his first stop in Europe, it just showed how the peoples of the world – from Berlin to the Philippines – has always viewed him as the New Generation JFK.


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