Anti-OBAMA racists want Obama win


White supremacists hope
for boost from Obama win

OBAMA IN GERMANY. In a Berlin rally that would turn Adolf Hitler and his racist Nazi thugs in their graves, more than 200,000 Germans gather to cheer for Barack Obama to become the first black president of the United States.


Election of first black U.S. president will jar
racist whites into action: KKK, neo-Aryans

a.k.a Jason Hussein Bourne
OIC (Obamanos-in-Chief)
11 August 2008
MANILA – The crazy white racists are getting crazier.
A report in the Associated Press on Friday, 8 August, revealed that prominent white supremacists are expecting a boost to their cause if Barack Obama becomes the first black president of the United States.
The report, datelined in Pearl, Mississippi, said Obama’s election according to these so-called White activists would trigger a backlash, with Anglo-Saxon Americans rising up in a revolution of sorts that they think is long overdue.
In one portion, the story quoted a dire warning from Kim Edwards of Matteson, Illinois who is now in Mississippi, which we know used to be the turf of the racist Ku Klux Klan heydays of the 1960s.
Edwards is an African-American woman who traveled to Mississippi with a racially mixed group so her son could play in a baseball tournament.
According to Edwards, an Obama supporter, she is now worrying that white racist-extremists want the senator from her home state of Illinois to be elected so they can assassinate him.
“I’m really concerned for his safety,” the story quoted Edwards as saying. “I’m concerned that once he gets in office … he won’t be recognized as an American president.”
Across the U.S., white supremacists are reportedly claiming that an Obama presidency can create a racial backlash that will give their groups a boost.
Ex-KKK leader David Duke is reportedly trying to bring others around to their view that whites have lost control of America, while another racist claims that Obama’s election will jar whites into action by writing letters and handing out pamphlets rather than sitting around complaining.
In his June website article, Duke wrote that Obama “will be a clear signal for millions of our people,” adding that the Illinois senator will be “a visual aid for White Americans who just don’t get it yet that we have lost control of our country, and unless we get it back we are heading for complete annihilation as a people.”
The Montgomery, Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center, which together with the Anti-Defamation League tracks like-minded fringe racist groups as the Nationalist Movement and the KKK, reported in a June article in its “Hatewatch” newsletter that some neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and anti-Semites have been claiming that an Obama presidency could prompt a race war.
They, everybody in the so-called “radical right,” really believe that extremist whites will win this race war of theirs.
What they will realize later is that an Obama victory will be a real triumph of the people – not just in America or in Germany but in the rest of the white and colored world. 
PEOPLE OF THE WORLD … Unite! 200,000 German fans scream for Barack Obama in Berlin.

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