Change You Can Believe book


3rd Obama bestseller
available soon Sept 9


a.k.a Jason Hussein Bourne
OIC (Obamanos-in-Chief)
12 August 2008

MANILA – After his first two bestsellers “Dreams from my Father” and “The Audacity of Hope,” Democratic presidential nominee-in-waiting Barack Obama is set to release a third one on paperback and audio, aptly titled “Change You Can Believe In.”
Focusing on his policies for America’s future, the book to be made available on bookshelves on September 9 will feature his famous speeches during the primary campaign, and will also include his speech on American race relations and the one he delivered last month in Berlin, Germany.
The book jacket states: “At this defining moment in our history, Americans are hungry for change.  After years of failed policies and failed politics from Washington, this is our chance to reclaim the American dream.”
It adds: “Barack Obama has proven to be a new kind of leader – one who can bring people together, be honest about the challenges we face, and move this nation forward.  ‘Change We Can Believe In’ outlines his vision for America.”
Readers of the book will “find bold and specific ideas about how to fix our ailing economy and strengthen the middle class, make health care affordable for all, achieve energy independence, and keep America safe in a dangerous world.”
Moreover, this surefire bestseller asks each one of us book readers “not just to believe in Barack Obama’s ability to bring change to Washington,” but also “asks you to believe in yours.”


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