Obama-Biden team up 8-9%


3 US statewide surveys place Obama-Biden
Dem ticket up 8-9% vs McCain-Palin tandem

OIC (Obamanos-in-Chief)
Filipinos for Obama
3 September 2008

MANILA – The winning Democratic ticket of Senators Barack Obama of Illinois and Joe Biden of Delaware as the next President and Vice President respectively of the United States is ahead by around 8 to 9 percent than the losing Republican ticket of Arizona Senator John McCain and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.
The latest CBS survey conducted August 29-31 showed that the Obama-Biden ticket garnered 48 percent, defeating the McCain-Palin partnership at 40 percent, with a margin of error of just 3 points.
Meanwhile, the latest USA Today/Gallup poll dated August 30-31 has Obama alone garnering 50 percent, beating McCain at 43 percent with an error margin of 2-3 points.
Moreover, the latest, Diageo/Hotline survey dated August 29-31 showed Obama getting 48 percent, as compared to McCain with 39 percent.
The Filipinos for Obama Movement and its affiliates in the Philippines-America for Obama or Phil-Ams for Bam movement remain confident that Obama will become the next American President and Biden as his vice president and second-in-command.


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