Barack up 7-9 pts.


Bam beats Mac
7% in AP-GfK,
9% in CBS polls

a.k.a Jason Hussein Bourne
(OIC) Obamanos-in-Chief
Filipinos for Obama Movement
Philippines-America for Obama
MANILA – The OBAMANOS Filipinos for Obama Movement is exhilarated with the results of the latest Associated Press-GfK and CBS News polls showing Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois nearing his very historic inauguration as the next President of the United States.
Filipinos for Obama and their affiliates in the Philippines-America for Obama (Phil-Am for Bam) movement have expressed exhilaration with two newest surveys showing Obama leading by 7 percent in AP-GfK and 9 percent in CBS News over Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona in the U.S. presidential elections on November 4.
Both conducted from September 27-30 to measure the outcome of the race for the White House next month, the latest AP-GfK poll shows Obama scoring 48 percent against McCain at 41 percent, with an error margin of 3.4 percent, while the newest CBS News survey shows the Illinois senator beating his Arizona colleague at 50 versus 41 percent, with an error margin of 3 points.
Moreover, in a new Ipsos-McClatchy poll showing his 4-point lead, Obama garners 46 percent to beat McCain at 42 percent.
Meanwhile, two other surveys from Quinnipiac University and Time/CNN reveal a battleground state-by-state breakdown showing Obama beating McCain in the so-called purple states, or swing states now swinging in favor of the Democrats.
The Quinnipiac Univ. survey shows that Obama leads McCain by 15 percent in Pennsylvania and 8 percent each in Ohio and Florida, while the Time/CNN poll reveals that Obama beats McCain by 11 percent in Minnesota, 9 percent in Virginia, 4 percent each in Florida and Nevada, and 1 percent in Missouri.
In the Quinnipiac Univ. survey, Obama trounces McCain in Pennsylvania with a 54-39 lead, in Ohio with a 50-42 lead, and in Florida with a 51-43 lead.
And in the Time/CNN poll conducted from September 28-30 with an error margin of 4 points, Obama defeats McCain in Minnesota with a 54-43 lead, in Virginia with a 53-44 lead, in Florida and Nevada each with a 51-47 lead, and in Missouri with a 49-48 lead.
Further, in a KCCI survey in Des Moines, the junior Illinois senator outraces the senior Arizona senator by 16 percent in Iowa, with Obama garnering 55 percent to beat McCain at 39 percent.


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