Joe packs it!


Biden wins veep debate
a.k.a Jason Hussein Bourne
(OIC) Obamanos-in-Chief
Filipinos for Obama Movement
Philippines-America for Obama
MANILA – Not bad for Sarah Palin … but good for Joe Biden!
Palin delivered, but doubts lingered.  Biden was just plain better.
According to critics and pundits, there were jabs but no uppercuts.  There were punches but no knockouts.
Sarah charmed but ducked questions.  Joe gave the real blows to the Republican frontrunner John McCain, and built the case for his Democratic running-mate Barack Obama.
But the ratings said it all.  CNN gave a 15-percent advantage for Biden, who garnered 54 percent as against Palin with 39 percent.
An MSNBC online survey of almost a million respondents gave Biden a 10-point margin at 50 percent and Palin at 40 percent, with almost 5 percent saying it was a tie.
With this, the
Filipinos for Obama Movement and their Philippines-America for Obama (Phil-Am for Bam) online social network affiliates congratulate Biden for winning a convincing victory over Palin on who will best be elected as the next Vice President of the United States.


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