Leading in electoral votes


Bam beats Mac 364-174
in newest ECV results

Obama outscores McCain 11% in latest Gallup poll
a.k.a Jason Hussein Bourne
(OIC) Obamanos-in-Chief
Filipinos for Obama Movement
Philippines-America for Obama
MANILA – In the race for the 270 Electoral College Votes (ECVs) needed to clinch the White House, the latest Politico/RealClearPolitics polling average shows Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois is the landslide victor as the next President of the United States.
In the Politico/RCP average, Obama garners 364 ECVs as compared to 174 for his losing rival, Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, as he also leads by 11 percent in the latest Gallup Poll daily tracking numbers, where the junior Illinois senator scores 52 percent while the senior Arizona senator merely gets 41 percent.
According to the Politico/RCP average, Obama wins 12 out of 13 purple states, the battleground swing states that will likely decide the final outcome of the race for the next U.S. president.  McCain is capable of defeating Obama by 2.5 percent only in Indiana.
Obama however defeats McCain by 12.4 percent in Pennsylvania, 10.7 percent in New Hampshire, 8.0 percent in Wisconsin, 7.3 percent in New Mexico, 7.0 percent in Michigan, 4.8 percent in Virginia, 4.0 percent each in Colorado and Ohio, 3.0 percent each in Nevada and Florida, 0.6 percent in North Carolina, and 0.3 percent in Missouri.
The Democratic frontrunner beats his Republican rival in Pennsylvania with a 51.6-39.2% lead, in New Hampshire with a 52.0-41.3% lead, in Wisconsin with a 51.0-43.0% lead, in New Mexico with a 49.8-42.5% lead, in Michigan with a 49.1-42.1% lead, in Virginia with a 49.9-45.1% lead, in Colorado with a 49.3-45.3% lead, in Ohio with a 48.9-44.9% lead, in Nevada with a 49.6-46.6% lead, in Florida with a 48.3-45.3% lead, in North Carolina with a 48.2-47.6% lead, and in Missouri with a 47.8-47.5% lead.
By ECV ranking, the crucial states in Obama’s column are Florida (27), Pennsylvania (21), Wisconsin and Ohio (20 each), Michigan (17), North Carolina (15), Virginia (13), Missouri (11), Colorado (9), New Mexico and Nevada (5 each), and New Hampshire (4).  McCain however outshines Obama in Indiana (11) with a 48.5-46.0% lead.
Based on the Politico/RCP average, Obama has 157 ECVs from swing or purple states, 153 ECVs from solid-blue Democratic states, and 54 ECVs from Democratic blue-leaning states, for a grand total of 364 ECVs.  McCain only has 11 ECVs from purple states, 139 ECVs from solid-red Republican states, and 24 ECVs from Republican red-leaning states, for a measly total of 174 ECVs.

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