Red to purple then blue


… From red to purple then to blue
Obama keeps ex-reddish states in play
a.k.a Jason Hussein Bourne
(OIC) Obamanos-in-Chief
Filipinos for Obama Movement
Philippines-America for Obama
MANILA – With the United States economy in the forefront of the U.S. election cycle, Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois has kept once Republican-leaning states in play as he continues to outpace his rival in the race for the White House.
The latest TIME/CNN battleground survey shows that Obama outraces Sen. John McCain of Arizona in the crucial purplish states that will decide the outcome on who will be the next American president.
Obama bests McCain in Virginia by 10 percent, in Nevada by 5 percent, and in North Carolina and Ohio by 4 percent, according to the TIME/CNN poll conducted among likely voters from October 19-21, with an error margin of 4 percent.
The junior Illinois senator defeats the senior Arizona senator 54-44 percent in Virginia, 51-46 percent in Nevada, 51-47 percent in North Carolina, and 50-46 percent in Ohio, the TIME/CNN poll reveals.
Meanwhile, in the latest FOX/Opinion Dynamics statewide poll conducted from October 20-21, Obama beats McCain by 9 points at 49-40 percent, with an error margin of 3 percent.
And in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal nationwide survey conducted from October 17-20, Obama pulls ahead of McCain by 10 points at 52-42 percent, with an error margin of 2.9 percent.
Moreover, in the latest Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby daily tracking poll, Obama zooms ahead of McCain by 12 points at 52-40 percent, also with an error margin of 2.9 percent.
Finally, in the latest Pew survey conducted from October 16-19, Obama carries a notable lead against McCain by 14 points at 53-39 percent, with an error margin of 2.5 percent.


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