Bam wins Big 10 battleground states!


Big 10 battleground: Bam
leads 8 states by 2 digits

Obama creeps into known Republican
strongholds of Montana, West Virginia

a.k.a Jason Hussein Bourne
(OIC) Obamanos-in-Chief
Filipinos for Obama Movement
Philippines-America for Obama
MANILA – With barely 11 days to go to the November 4 elections in the United States, a major survey of the Big 10 battlegrounds crucial to the U.S. presidential race shows Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois leading all polls by double digits in eight swing states against his losing rival, Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona.
The Big Ten Battleground Poll, a public opinion survey of U.S. Midwest voters conducted by eight various universities, shows Obama outracing McCain in Illinois by 29 percent, in Michigan by 22 percent, in Minnesota by 19 percent, in Wisconsin and Iowa by 13 percent, in Ohio by 12 percent (and by 14 percent in another university survey), in Pennsylvania by 11 percent (and by 13 percent in the other university survey), and in Indiana by 10 percent.
Two university surveys unaffiliated with eight of the Big 10 show Obama leading McCain in Florida by 5-7 percent and even in Montana by 4 percent, while a statewide poll of polls shows the Democrat slimming the established Republican lead in West Virginia by –2 percent as he creeps into traditional red-state strongholds.
In pollings conducted from October 19-22 with an error margin of 4.2 points, the Big 10 polls show Obama outpacing McCain at 61-32 percent in Illinois, 58-36 percent in Michigan, 57-38 percent in Minnesota, 53-40 percent in Wisconsin, 52-39 percent in Iowa, 53-41 percent in Ohio, 52-41 percent in Pennsylvania, and 51-41 percent in Indiana.
Giving a 10-percent nationwide lead for Obama at 52-42 percent with an error margin of 3.1 points, the Big 10 survey was made possible through the University of Wisconsin-Madison with the participation of the University of Illinois, the University of Michigan, the Michigan State University, the Northwestern University, the University of Iowa, the Ohio State University, and the Penn State University.
Meanwhile, the latest St. Petersburg Times/Bay News 9/Miami Herald survey conducted from October 20-22 shows Obama beating McCain in Florida by 7 percent, at 49-42 percent with an error margin of 3.5 points.
Moreover, the latest Quinnipiac University survey conducted from October 16-21 shows Obama defeating McCain in Ohio by 14 percent, in Pennsylvania by 13 percent, and in Florida by 5 percent.  With an error margin of 2.7 points, the Quinnipiac Univ. poll shows Obama outscoring McCain at 52-38 percent in Ohio, 53-40 percent in Pennsylvania, and 49-44 percent in Florida.
In another state poll, the Montana State University-Billings survey conducted from October 17-20 shows Obama now trouncing McCain even in Montana by 4 percent, at 44-40 percent with an error margin of 5 points.
In the latest CNN state polls of polls, Obama leads in Pennsylvania by 10 percent, in Virginia by 8 percent, in Ohio by 7 percent, in Nevada by 4 percent, in Florida by 3 percent, and statewide by 8 percent.  McCain only leads in West Virginia now by a mere 2 points, at 47-45.
The CNN Poll of Polls, which does not have a sampling error, shows Obama trampling McCain at 51-41 percent in Pennsylvania, 51-43 percent in Virginia, 50-43 percent in Ohio, 49-45 percent in Nevada, 48-45 percent in Florida, and 50-42 percent statewide.
The latest CBS News/New York Times survey conducted from October 19-22 shows Obama pulling out of McCain by 13 percent, at 52-39 percent with an error margin of 3 points, while the ABC News/Washington Post daily tracking poll shows the Democrat leading the Republican by 11 percent, at 54-43 percent.
bigtenpoll: Big Ten Battleground Poll
A public opinion survey of U.S. Midwest voters


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