Battleground blitz!


Obama 54%, McCain 43%
as ex-red states Arizona,
North Dakota turn bluish
MANILA – With less than 24 hours to the conclusion of the most historic race to the White House in recent memory, Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois is poised to be elected tomorrow and inaugurated in January as the 44th President of the United States.
Various recent surveys also show Obama slowly inching closer into known Republican strongholds as North Dakota and Montana, and even in Indiana and the very turf of his losing rival, Sen. John McCain of Arizona.
The latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking survey conducted on October 28-31 shows Obama overwhelming McCain statewide by 11 percent, at 54-43 percent with an error margin of 2.5 points.
Meanwhile, the New York Times/CBS News poll conducted on October 25-29 shows Obama overcoming McCain nationwide also by 11 percent, at 52-41 percent with an error margin of 3 points.
Worse for the Republicans, the NBC/Mason Dixon poll conducted on October 27-28 in McCain’s home state shows Obama closing the gap in Arizona at –4 percent, at 44-48 percent with an error margin of 4 points.
Moreover, the Indianapolis Star/WTHR-TV survey conducted on October 26-28 shows Obama leading McCain in Indiana by 1 percent, at 46-45 percent with an error margin of 4 points, while the WISH-TV Indiana poll conducted on October 24-28 shows a tie at 47 percent, with an error margin of 5 points.
In surveys of other battlegrounds, the latest Marist polls conducted from October 26-28 with an error margin of 4 points show Obama ahead of McCain in Colorado by 6 percent, at 51-45 percentage, and in Virginia by 4 percent, at 51-47 percentage.


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