Obamanos 2.0(12) Reboot

RP Obama Movement reboots
as Filipinos for Obama 2.012

IT’S A NEW DAWN … a new day!  And it’s not anymore United States President-elect but U.S. President Barack H. Obama – the Leader of the Free World, the 44th Chief Executive in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

With this, the online-powered social networking group Filipinos for Obama Movement based in the Philippines’ capital of Manila and in the Southern Philippine island region of Mindanao has been relaunched as the Filipinos for Obama 2.012.

Everything that Filipinos (and, for the sake of gender sensitivity, Filipinas) love in the post-Arthurian/Kennedyesque Camelot kingdom of His Excellency, our President Obama, we will now have a New America that the entire World loves – a New Camelot, in this Era of Freedomland we shall call the Age of Bamelot.

Join us as we take this audacious Journey of Change forward to the year 2012 … and perhaps together onwards to the year 2016!


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