Fair share after 60 years

Pro-Obama Pinoys praise idol
in backing equity for WW2 vets

EQUITY BILL PROPONENTS. Hawaii Sen. Daniel Akaka (6th from R) and Philippine Ambassador to the U.S. Willy Gaa (8th from L) are shown in a gathering of leaders from the American Coalition for Filipino Veterans and the Filipino-American community together with the staff from the Philippine Embassy in D.C. on 27 June 2007.

Filipinos for Obama praise ‘next US President’
for support to Pinoy WWII veterans’ equity bill
MANILA – Strongly rooting for United States Sen. Barack Obama’s foreign policy programs, the locally-based Filipinos for Obama Movement (FOM) has expressed solidarity with the American Coalition for Filipino Veterans (ACFV) based in the U.S. East Coast state of Virginia in pushing for the coalition members’ six-decade-long advocacy.
Filipino-Americans from the East to the West Coast primarily in the state of California are one with pro-Obama Filipinos based in the Philippines in pushing for the long-overdue equity of Filipino World War II veterans through a U.S. Senate bill that Obama has co-sponsored with the chair of the American Senate committee on veterans affairs who spearheaded efforts for the enactment of the equity bill pending in the U.S. Congress.
Collectively known as “Obamanos,” members of the FOM, the Filipinos for Change Movement (FCM), the Filipinos Audacious for Change (FACs), and the Pinoy Bloggers for Barack (PBB) joined Filipino-American veterans of the Second World War in praising Obama for vowing to “continue to urge (my U.S. Senate) colleagues to provide the benefits and recognition these veterans deserve.”
“We, the alliance of Filipinos for Obama, Filipinos for Change, and the Bloggers for Barack, support the good senator from Chicago, Illinois in pushing for the 60-year-old well-deserved right of Filipino veterans for their fair share by the time the 2007 U.S. Filipino Veterans Equity Act is finally enacted,” members of the Philippine-based movement said in a statement published in https://carlosjackal24jasonbourne.wordpress.com/.
Obama also praised Filipinos in their recent celebration of the 1986 Edsa revolution in his statement on the equity bill, which seeks to grant aging Filipinos who fought under the American flag during World War II with at least U.S.$7,329 worth of benefits, which regular American veterans of the Second World War are currently receiving.
“Twenty-two years after the People Power Revolution in the Philippines, we remember and commemorate the Filipino people who used the democratic, non-violent method of ‘people power’ to overthrow the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and end the martial law regime that ruled the Philippines for 14 years,” Obama said in a press statement which the Virginia-based ACFV sent to the GMA7 News website.
The ACFV statement added that on the anniversary of the Edsa I revolution, Obama said he is urging his “colleagues in Congress to honor the Filipino veterans who bravely fought with American troops in World War II.”
The Democratic Party frontrunner to the 2008 U.S. presidential elections added: “Approximately 250,000 Filipino troops joined American forces to fight in World War II, but too many of these heroes are still being denied benefits.  The time has come for Congress to honor the Filipino veterans of World War II by finally enacting the Filipino Veterans Equity Act of 2007.”
In a report to the American Congress in June 2007, Philippine Ambassador to the U.S. Willy Gaa revealed that the number of Filipino World War II veterans who would stand to benefit from the pending equity bill has dwindled to around 18,155.  Some U.S. Republican lawmakers have however expressed opposition to the passage of the pro-Filipino veterans’ equity bill.
Among the benefits under the pending bill are veterans’ health care, service-connected disability compensation, non-service connected disability compensation, dependent indemnity compensations, death pension, and full burial benefits.  But opposing Republican legislators have reportedly claimed that the amount of compensation for Filipino veterans is excessive.
FIGHTING FOR EQUITY. Members of the American Coalition for Filipino Veterans from Texas to the District of Columbia gather in 12 April 2007.

2 thoughts on “Fair share after 60 years

  1. Dear Sir/Madam:
    I am the daughter of ANGELITO F. NGARANGAD who is a WW II Veteran. Im looking for a job in which beneficiaries of a veteran is given priority. My father went to the United States last April 2000.

    I am looking forward for a positive response.
    Thank you.

  2. I am very happy about the approved equity bill by Pres. Obama. I believe that (the) surviving spouse is entitled to receive … the benefit. However,the surviving spouse passed away recently and was not able to apply because she is in the hospital. Can she still apply for the benefit? She was receiving her monthly PVAO (Phil. Veterans Association Organization benefit) in the Philippines.

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